24 February 2020

Safety Tips for Solo Female Travellers

Want to travel solo but the horror stories you’ve heard got you thinking— is it safe to travel alone when you’re a girl? If you’re worried about this, we’ve have just the list to help you be well prepared to keep yourself safe on your trip.

Keep In Touch

Regularly update a friend or a family member about your trip—where you are, what you’re doing and who you’re with. You can also provide your accommodation and airline ticket details to someone back home.

Research Your Destination Thoroughly

Before going on your trip, make sure you’ve already done your research. Read about the local customs and laws of the country you’re going to. Find out where the safer areas are and avoid the notorious ones. Familiarize yourself with their public transportation system to lessen the chances of getting lost. Lastly, check if there are any vaccines you should get.

Purchase Travel Insurance

Travel insurance can be a lifesaver when you wind up in a sticky travel situation. It covers lost of baggage, medical expenses, flight cancellations, personal accidents, and many others depending on the insurance plan. One of the platforms that provides cheap travel insurance in Hong Kong is GoLion. Plus, they have many in-app services such as 24-hour assistance and rescheduling. Download the app here: https://goo.gl/RxMGFJ

Keep your valuables secure

When travelling, it’s almost certain that you will be bringing gadgets such as smartphones, cameras, and maybe a wallet full of cash. Always keep valuable items secure inside your bag and avoid flashing them around. Depending on the crime rate of the country, you might lose them the second you leave them unattended.

Digitize Your Documents

Add this to your travel checklist. Keep copies of your personal documents — passport, driver’s license, booking confirmations — on your phone or online. Just in case they get lost or stolen, you’ll have back-up copies on you. You can also leave them with a trusted person back home.