24 February 2020

Top 5 Hong Kong Hikes

If you’d like to head for the hills and get a break from the dense population of the city, hiking is the sport for you. Here are our picks for the top 5 best hikes in Hong Kong.

1.  Most iconic hike: Hong Kong Trail Section 8 (Dragon’s Back)

One of the most beautiful landscape in Asia and Hong Kong’s most popular hike  – Dragon’s back – gives incredible views of fancy mansions, amazing beaches, and weaves through quaint fishing villages. If you’re looking for a big day out, this is the hike for you.

2.  Best hike for getting back to nature:  Shek Pik, Lantau Island

If you were overwhelmed by the circus that is Dragon’s Back, this may be the hike for you.

Hiking Lantau Island is certainly the exception to the usual over-paved, cement paths that has become the feature of so many hikes in Hong Kong. Get away from creeping urbanisation and get out into the bush.

3. Most hardcore hike on the island: Wilson Trail Section 1 – Violet Hill and the Twins

Got quads of steel?  Want quads of steel? Then this hike is for you. This 4.8km stretch will certainly give you street cred for being hardcore. It’s got over one thousand stairs, and boasts some of the most incredible views of Hong Kong. This hike may be hardcore, but take heart, when you finish at Repulse Bay, you can refresh, refuel and get a taxi home.

4. Most convenient hike: Discovery Bay to Mui Wo

When you think of Hong Kong, you think convenience. Anyone who lives further than a 5 minute walk from the escalator? Seriously, what are you doing? It includes tons of interesting sights in a relatively short space.

5. Best hike for lovers: Morning trail to Mid Levels

Trying to impress a date with your sporting prowess and general physique, this is the hike for you.  It’s none too challenging, so you won’t get grossly hot and sweaty, it provides a chance for romance, and you can finish with drinks at the end.