24 February 2020

What You Need To Know About Travel Insurance

Probably the biggest question about travel insurance: Do I need it? This article is going to help you decide and find the right plan.

Should I buy travel insurance?

The need to buy travel insurance hugely depends on how much you are willing to lose if something happens before or during the trip. In other words, what would give you peace of mind? If you are travelling overseas or taking a long trip then we suggest that you get a travel insurance

What does it usually cover?

The coverage usually includes personal accidents and medical expenses. Cancellation and delay is also covered which includes reasons such as injury, illness, death, natural disasters, etc. which entitles the insured to get reimbursements for normally non-refundable costs (tickets, accommodations, etc.)

Where can I find a good policy?

There are many agencies that offer travel insurance with different coverage. It’s best to first review the policies and ensure that this is the plan that fits your needs. Just remember to always read the fine print. You can download Wesurance app and find a variety of travel insurance you can choose from. You will surely find one that would give you the most peace of mind.

How much will it cost?

The cost of a policy will depend on many factors — price and length of the trip, and other relevant add-ons. If you’re older and/or engaging in a riskier activity during the trip, the policy may cost more than a normal travel would. You can also check out the GoLion app for affordable travel insurance for you and your companions.